Dispute Resolution

Life is made up of relationships, and relationships can be complicated. Conflicts arise between businesses, strangers, neighbors, and even friends or family members. When those conflicts cannot be resolved without professional help, the lawyers at Bryson Legal can help you. Whether you need help collecting money someone owes you, enforcing your right to peaceful enjoyment, or defending yourself from the claims of another, our lawyers will stand up for you.



Litigation is the process of suing or defending in court. It can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, but is sometimes necessary. Litigation involves not just trial, but investigating the other side's case through a process called discovery. That usually involves demanding documents and interviewing witnesses and can all but determine the outcome of the case. If you have a claim that needs to be taken to a judge or jury (or if you're being hauled into court by someone else), the lawyers at Bryson Legal know how to use the techniques available to pursue the most efficient and effective strategy possible.


Alternative Resolution

You may have heard that more than 95% of civil cases settle outside of court. There are many reasons for that statistic, but the simple truth is that a full-blown trial is unlikely in any given case. Because of that, the lawyers at Bryson Legal take pride in their skills at resolving disputes without involving courts or leaving their client's fates in the hands of a judge or jury.

Because of a contract or waiver, you may be forced to make your case in an arbitration or a mediation. Although some lawyers shy away from those less formal settings as unfamiliar, our lawyers represent clients no matter what the venue. As nontraditional dispute resolution options become more common, Bryson Legal will be there to help clients get their best results.